Kathryn and Valerie

This past summer, I caught up with two dear friends, Kathryn and Valerie, while visiting Seattle. The idea of taking some portraits of friends I don't get to see often, while also visiting a new city, was too much to pass up. 

I've known Valerie for a few years. Some of you might know her from our podcast shenanigans. We spent a morning walking through downtown Seattle and she placated me as we tried to take some of the most hipster photographs possible. Though, the one below is perhaps the one I enjoy most. She doesn't care for it, but tough. It's a good photo of her.


Kathryn and I spent a free afternoon visiting the space needle and the surrounding area. Being a nerd (in the most endearing way possible) she geeked out at visiting the Experience Music Project (EMP). It's essentially a pop culture museum. We were able to capture a nice portrait of her in front of, what is admittedly, an amazingly designed museum. 


I was plesently suprised with how much I enjoyed my first visit to the Pacific Northwest and can't wait for my next opportunity to return - and to see my friends again.