A few weeks back, I tried to take a portrait of Katie. It was terrible. My fault, no hers. I didn't have a clear vision and, in addition to the photos just being technically poor, they did little to capture her personality.

This past weekend, I was doing a photoshoot with Joy. She wanted some graduation photos (more on this later) and we found ourselves in this beautiful, open space where the grass was incredibly well-kept. I had this idea of her laying down on the grass and taking her portrait from above. It was terrible. I don't think either one of us were prepared for the awkwardness of it. And, in addition to already being nervous, I didn't have a good idea of what I wanted. So, I took a few shots and I moved us along as quickly as possible. As you might expect, they weren't great.

But, as I was thinking more about the photo, I thought it might work well for Katie. So, I told her about my idea and we went back and forth about what might look best. The result was the portrait below.

When on a photoshoot, I typically end up with a lot of good photos, but not a lot of great photos. In part, it's because I don't have a sense of what shot I'm trying to capture until I'm in that moment. But, looking back over the last year, my best photos (or rather, the ones I like the best) are those where I had a clear vision of what I was trying to capture. It's a good lesson. You can take a lot of good photos with little planning, but it's rather difficult to take a great one.