I was back home in Nebraska for a weekend to spend time with family and took advantage of the opportunity to take some photographs. This week, I captured a couple exposures of my father, Michael, for my portrait project. 

We spent the afternoon touring modern day, small town life. I was in the mood to shoot black and white and saw a tree with interesting geometry on the corner of Nebraska Street. It was rather large, so I took multiple exposures and stitched them together to get a composition I liked. I thought it was a good photograph, but my dad pointed out that it would be better without a building in the foreground. Thirty minutes later, after some photoshop magic, I think it's in a good place.    

I tried a couple of different things this week - using a square format, shooting in black and white, etc. and I think it allowed me to deviate from a pattern I was starting to see develop in my photography. Don't underestimate the value of intentionally changing the pace.