The Jones Family

Last month, I had the pleasure of taking some family portraits for the Jones family. Previously, I had taken some graduation photos for Joy and, by some miracle, her mother liked them so much that she wanted some of the entire family.

First and foremost, I had so much fun doing this. The Jones family was so delightful and it made shooting their portrait extra fulfilling. Second, I was scared out of my mind. Most portraits I take are of a single person. Occasionally, I'll do some engagement portraits. But, this was my first time taking portraits of five people. It forced me to slow down my process and examine the entire fame before taking a shot. I also worked a lot in burst mode knowing that it's difficult to catch five different expressions perfectly. On the whole, it was an excellent learning process and experience for me and I think we made some good photographs. Here are some of my favorites:

Special thanks to Jill, Jerry, Jerilynn, Jan, and Joy for allowing me to capture their beautiful family.