Typical Game Night

Lately, I've been itching to make more photographs. Identifying subjects is still a challenge, so I coerced some friends into letting me take their picture. I thought it would be less uncomfortable for them if we did something fun and I was looking for a chance to improve my editing skills. 

So, the idea I had was to have them around a table playing a game of Wizard - something we do often. I thought it would be interesting to have one friend "force choking" the other, who would be suspended in air (what can we say - we love Star Wars), while one was leaping to intervene and the other (his wife, no less) couldn't be bothered.

We put Matt (not me) up on some milk crates. My plan was to take two pictures (one with the crates and one without) and stack them as layers in Photoshop. Then, it just became a matter of removing the crates and revealing the background of the bottom layer. Here is the original image:

I made a lens correction edit before opening it up in Photoshop. It took the better part of the day to figure out what adjustments I wanted to make and how to pull them off. But, after extending the edges, recreating parts of the floor and ceiling, editing the chandelier, playing with the shadows, and making basic exposure, contrast, and tonal adjustments, I think it actually turned out good. Here is the current version:

There are a couple of more edits I'm hoping to make, but need to do some more research into transforming selections. But, once I figured out what I was doing, it was fairly simple. I have to give credit to Chelsea Northrup for the excellent how to video on levitation photography. If you have any interest, check it out.

Special thanks to Andrew, Andrew, Tara, and Matt for being good sports.